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Fireworks… Anytime brings professionally-designed and produced, safe and legal fireworks displays to virtually any venue and budget. Anyone - individuals, families, event planners, corporate planners, organizations, and municipalities - can have a fireworks display for their special event. The process is simple:

  • • Decide on a date, approximate time, and a
       possible rain date. We must have 4-6 weeks to
       complete all preparations.

  • • Decide on a location; large open areas are
       best. Ideally the audience should be able to see
       the ground where the fireworks will be placed.
       We'll help you determine how much room your
       display will need.

  • • Decide if you prefer a "regular" display or
       a pyro-musical.

  • • Decide on a budget. Our basic shows and
       pyromusicals are 20-25 minutes long. Our
       minimum charge is $4,500.00. Once you've
       covered costs for the basic show, then any
       budget increase goes into making the show
       bigger and better. Our minimums include
       the legal stuff, insurance, show planning,
       setup, firing, break-down, and clean up.

  • • Get permission for the fireworks display,
       in writing, from the owner of the venue.
       We can help you with this too.

  • • Fill out the form at right, and submit it to us.
       We'll take care of the rest!

If you'd like to learn more about how we work and the additional services we provide, please visit our full website.


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