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Fireworks… Anytime brings professionally-designed and produced fireworks displays to virtually any venue and budget. Now, individuals and families, as well as corporations, organizations, and municipalities, in short, anyone who would like to have a fireworks display can have one.

We work within the constraints of your physical space and budget to create a fireworks display or pyro-musical that you and your guests will remember. While there are some minimum requirements due to State and Federal regulations, our goal is to give you a memorable display that is safe and legal, no matter where it is held.

When we put on a fireworks display as part of your private or public event, we take care of the legal requirments, insurance, setup, and clean-up.


In addition to designing and producing displays, we also offer:

  • workshops for consumers to improve the safety
       and artistry of their backyard fireworks displays

  • workshops for learning to make fireworks

  • • new crewmember training for professional
       fireworks displays

  • • custom-made fireworks for pyro-lovers'
        memorial fireworks displays and,

  • • a beautiful country venue in Northwestern New
       Hampshire for hosting family, corporate,
       wedding, memorial, or other events, with the
       option for private fireworks display(s)


Thanks for taking the time to visit Fireworks… Anytime.
We can't wait to provide a fireworks display for you!

all my best,

Bill Lundgren, Owner
Licensed/Certified NH Display Operator
Fireworks... Anytime, LLC