Estimating The Cost of Your Fireworks Display

Typical Show Costs

The big question everyone wants answered is, of course, "how much will it cost?"

Fireworks displays are typically 20-25 minutes long. Of course, you can have anything you want. Two rules of thumb apply here:

  • #1. Larger spaces = bigger displays

  • #2. Larger budget = more/bigger fireworks

Every venue is different, and the venue has a significant impact on the type and size of display it can accommodate. We design each display and pyro-musical to match your specific venue, budget, event, theme, color and effect preferences, and audience.

A budget of $4,500.00 is our minimum-sized display.

A budget of $7,500.00-$8,500.00 is in the range of many displays in medium-sized towns and resorts.


A budget of $10,000.00-$15,000.00 is in the range of many displays in larger cities and resorts.

A budget of more than $15,000.00 is considered a large display, which will rival many of those seen in fairly large cities.

Extras, such as...

  • • an image made of colored flames depicting
       an American Flag
  • • the Bride and Groom's names written in
       sparkling pyrotechnics
  • • coordinated sky lanterns
  • • rows of giant ground-mounted sparklers
are quoted on an individual basis.