Fireworks Displays Fully Integrated With Your Event

Display Types

We offer two types of fireworks displays:

  • straight-up displays with aerial shells, ground-based fireworks, and set pieces, with no music,

  • pyro-musicals with aerial shells, ground-based fireworks, and set pieces, fully synchronized to music,

Whichever is your preference, plan on a run time of 20-25 minutes typical. Of course, the display can be longer or shorter based on your particular event needs.

Straight-Up Displays

Most professional displays are what we refer to as "straight-up" displays - plenty of aerial shells, some ground pieces, and maybe a set-piece or two (fixed frames with images made from colored flames), with no music.


Pyro-musical displays are driven by the soundtrack you select. The music, to a great extent, determines the selection of aerial shells and ground-based effects, and what happens at any point in the display. The music affects the pacing of the display and the "density" of the effects. Every pyro-musical is the unique marriage of that soundtrack with the visuals of the fireworks.

If you select a pyro-musical, you have two options for the soundtrack:

  • you can provide us with a list of music appropriate for your display and we will build the soundtrack from that selection of music, or,
  • we will select music based on your style and genre preferences, the nature of your event, and your budget

If you have source CDs of your preferred music, we prefer to use those to create the soundtrack; they will be returned to you in their original condition. Otherwise we will secure the music on your behalf; any fees associated with purchasing the rights to use this music will be added to your total display cost.

Please note that we will not accept or use source materials for the soundtrack that feature profanity or other inappropriate lyrics. Fireworks displays draw audiences of all ages - even unintended audiences; your soundtrack will be playing at high volume through our PA system.

A Word About Lead Times...

Designing and prepping fireworks displays takes a lot of work that starts well before the day of the show. So, we like to have a minimum of six (6) weeks between the contract signing and show dates. And Fourth of July shows are first-come, first-served, so book yours well in advance.

Effects to Match Your Event

We work with a wide variety of both aerial shells and ground-based effects, and we can usually get something special if you give us enough time to do so. A multitude of colors and styles are available for both aerial shells and ground-based effects such as candles, fountains, comets, mines, and "cakes." We can design a show to match color schemes, event themes, or just tell us the kind of fireworks you like and we'll put a show together that you and your guests will remember.

A brief visual "glossary" of shell and effect types is available here.