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Fireworks Videos

These videos were shot by the fireworks crew members. The perspective is therefore much closer to the "action" than any spectator would be. The commentary is that of some of the crew and the lead shooter.

Featuring: triple chrysanthemum shell

Featuring: a typical “mid” or middle display barrage

Featuring: green lollipop, glitter/strobe shells

Featuring: double zipper cake

Featuring: white strobe, salutes, multi-color comets, crackle, waterfall, barrage, gold chrysanthemum shells

Featuring: titanium, large titanium, peony, crossette, go-getters, and comet strobe shells

Featuring: white glitter, rising star, chrysanthemum, red-to-blue comet, gold glitter, and crackle shells

Featuring: crossette, waterfall, glitter/crackle, cat’s face, green strobe, white strobe, red and blue artillery, green bees, glow worms, multi-color cakes, and red strobe shells