Memorial Fireworks Displays

Losing someone you love is very difficult. Planning a Memorial Service or Celebration of Life is hard work, very emotional, and often time-consuming. You want everything to be "just right". So what do you do if your departed friend or relative loved fireworks? We offer several ways to integrate a fireworks display into your Service or Celebration:

• we can design and shoot a display at the
  Service or Celebration venue℘

• we can host, design, and shoot your
  farewell display at our beautiful country
  display site; the site is situated on the bank of
  a rushing river, with large, open fields
  surrounding you, and is part of a farm dating
  back to 1768 (read further for more details)

• if your loved one has chosen to be cremated,
  we can build one or more special "farewell"
  fireworks incorporating their ashes
to be
  shot as part of the display

assumes this is allowed by the venue and/or meets all legal requirements

Please call us at 603-558-8394 to discuss the specifics of what you have in mind.

Memorial Fireworks Shells

Light up the sky as you say goodbye

Using the ashes of your dear departed friend or family member, we will build one or more fireworks that will be part of the Memorial Display. These fireworks can be of almost any type - whichever your loved one held as a favorite. Their favorite colors as well as effects can be accommodated.

Please call us at 603-558-8394 to receive a quotation for custom-made memorial fireworks.


Representative Memorial Fireworks Display Pricing

Please note that the cost for the custom-made memorial fireworks are not included in the display pricing below. Please call us for a quotation for the types of memorial fireworks you require.

Memorial fireworks displays are typically 10-15 minutes long. Of course, you can have anything you want. Two rules of thumb apply here:

  • #1. Larger spaces = bigger displays

  • #2. Larger budget = more/bigger fireworks

Every venue is different, and the venue has a significant impact on the type and size of display it can accommodate. We design each display to match your specific venue, budget, color and effect preferences.

A budget of $4,500.00 is our minimum-sized display.

A budget of $7,500.00-$8,500.00 is in the range of many displays in medium-sized towns and resorts.

A budget of $10,000.00-$15,000.00 is in the range of many displays in larger cities and resorts.

A budget of more than $15,000.00 is considered a large display, which will rival many of those seen in fairly large cities.

Extras, such as...

  • • an image made of colored flames depicting
       an American Flag or Armed Services insignia
  • • the deceased's name written in pyrotechnics
  • • coordinated sky lanterns
  • • rows of giant ground-mounted sparklers
  • • 21-gun salute
are quoted on an individual basis.