Our Procedures - An Overview

When you book your display by submitting the Display Request Form on the Book Your Display! page, we will respond to you via telephone within 48 hours. During that time, we will have already done a preliminary survey of the location where you indicated you want to have your fireworks display using Google Earth® or Google Maps® to find the proposed site address and view it from their satellite imagery. From this we determine:

  • if there is sufficient space at this location to have the type of fireworks display that your budget suggests, and that it meets all appropriate regulations,

  • if there is a suitable location for the spectator area(s) where your guests can watch the display safely,

  • the location of any obstacles, neighbors, highways, and other public rights of way

We will then schedule an appointment for an on-site survey to continue the process with you.

The on-site survey usually confirms everything we saw in our preliminary computer-based survey; we are however, looking for potential problems that were not visible or indicated on the Google Earth or Maps images. This can happen due to the relatively infrequent updating of those images.

If it turns out that your chosen location doesn't have enough room to meet the minimum regulated requirements, all is not lost. You can choose another location where you know you can get permission from the owner to hold the display. They will have to sign the contract as a co-sponsor. Hopefully though, this won't be necessary.

If everything is as we anticipated, we will sit down with you to discuss the display, colors, effects, your expectations, the event theme, and confirm your budget

We then use this information to generate a quotation, proposal>, and Display Program.


After you review these documents and agree to their terms, you will sign the Contract for the display. At that time, a 65% show deposit is required in cashiers or bank check or credit card.


During the time between signing the Contract and the date of your event, we are very busy selecting fireworks and designing your show, creating a soundtrack if you've chosen to have a pyro-musical, and preparing the fireworks and equipment for the display. We will email you at least every two weeks with status updates and requests for your feedback on the items you are to provide or arrange for according to the Contract. Fireworks displays are complex forms of entertainment; there are many people involved in the design, production, and necessary regulatory approvals. We work hard to make sure everything is completed well ahead of schedule.

The day of the display dawns bright and sunny...we all hope

Our Crew will be on site usually late morning or early afternoon (depending on the size of the display) to begin setting up. In addition to setting up the equipment, the Crew will establish physical boundaries for the display site itself, the fallout area (where debris from exploded aerial shells will land), spectator area(s), and any other needs specific to your location. The Contract spells out in great detail the procedures, and both our, and your, responsibilities relative to the display.

Miscellaneous Tid-Bits...

  • Clean-up of the display site is part of the service that we provide; always.

  • If the day doesn't dawn bright and sunny, the weather forecast and a mutual decision will determine if the show will be cancelled or postponed. If your Contract has a rain-date identified, then the show will be rescheduled for that date if necessary. If it does not, we will discuss rescheduling your show for the first available, mutually-satisfactory date.